Being a wannabe!

Being a wannabe!

Being a wannabe!

She said: What is the sweetest of all sounds?

He said: The sweetest of all sounds is that of the voice of the woman we love.

She said: That’s cute, is that an original? If yes, may be its working on me.

He said: Nope, a French Philosopher named Jean de La Bruyère quoted this in the 17th Century.

She said: If it has been stated for ages, so it must be true.

He said: Sure it is, but there is something better still.

She said: What do you mean?

He said: The sounds of Anchor chains, Plane motors and Train whistles.

She said: Hahahaha! You talk like you are some kind of traveller.

He said: Haha! No way, I am not. I am just a wannabe who wants to be a traveller 🙂